Online applicaiton for customers relationshops management and bussines processes management in ir company.

Business software shopyCRM

Modern cloud application not only for Customer management for your business. ShopyCRM used moder technologies in cloud to give you usefully and fast management of your bussieness from any place with internet connection. You have access to your Customers, whole company agenda and ypur presentation or e-commerce webs from one place in your favourite browser. ShopyCRM gives you modules to work with  Customers, Contacts, Orders, Products or Services, Documents, Opportunities, Leads and much more instead of for example integrated email client.

What is CRM and what should give to your company see here.

Sophisticated data management

Application has strong tool for import and export for all your needs. Data can be exported in  XLSX, XLS, XML, CSV, ODS and imported can be in  XLSX, CSV, XML, ODS formatsFor import a export you have intuitive interface, which helps You to import and export any kind of data schemas.

Automated workflows

In module for processes management you can easy set automated workflow to make your work easier. Specify your companies workflow and shopyCRM make it automate to save your time. I am read to help you with process identification and work flow set up. If you needs I am able to educate you or your employees to professional usable of workflow automatization.


ShopyCRM have full REST API for external conectivity or to connect with other services which your company use. API is still in progress and actually have not public documentation. If you need some external connectivity, please contact me. I will prepare api script for your needs.

Advantage of cloud solution

You don't need any own server. You will use own instance in our cloud ecosystem on address  and I will maintaine it for you. Your instance will be always actual and fully function.  You will not wait for a new functions to release new version. All new function will be added continuously to your instance ass soon as it will be developed.


shopyCRM runs in forpsicloud cloud plarform, wich is one of the best cloud platform in Europe and use moder security tools and backups to have all your data safety. For images and documents shopyCRM use obejct storage which is replicated in 3 independent district to have maximum security and availability for your data.


shopyCRM pass all technical needs for GDPR regulation. All agreements what we needs are the part of our Terms and Conditions to have all your data protected. We use fully encrypted data storages to minimalize potentional problems with system hacking and data stole. ShopyCRM has implemented pseudonymization and anonymization  mechnaism.

Data Protection Officer

Do you have take care of GDPR in our company? Do you need Data Protection Officer per legal or only need a service to not take care of GDPR yourself? External GDPR Data Protection Officer will br counicate with goverment, educate your employees and prepare all documents you will need. shopyCRM s.r.o give you that as a service for $ 20 monthly ($ 220 in annual payment).  Contact me for more information per contact form or contact information in header to give more information about DPO services.

Piecework in data processing, import and export custom modules, API comunication with external services, GDPR services, education training is realised for $ 180 per day, education training is realised per video calls.

For test all features of shopyCRM there is one singleuser FREE plan.


  • 1 user
  • 1 GB storage
  • $1 for 1GB of storage after plan quota


  • Unlimited users
  • 100 GB storage
  • $ 1 for 1GB of storage after plan quota
  • 10% discount for anual payment.


senior developer

I am an freelance developer with more thany 9 years of experience with focus on CRM and e-commerce systems. From my personal experience of creating my personal projects and project for my customers i have created a basic structure of shopyCRM, which I am develop since 2014 as s complex tool to administrate your bussiness processes, customers comunications and company presentations. My goal is to made a SaaS application whith in-house development processes from huge companies to small and middle companies with shopyCRM platform, my app is run on Forpsi cloud infrastructure to have enough security and power to make you happy and successfull.

Leave competitors behind


Projects, which I was realised or I was a part of development team.


JPSoftware contract, part of a development team, create e-commerce platform for online document store. Developed on clojure/clojurescript technology.

JPSoftware contract, frontend development based on angular for accomodation reservation system. Co-operation with JAVA backend developers.

Vivantis a.s
(Czech Republic)

Part of a development team, which creates one of the most huge online store in Czech Republic. Responsible especially for xml feed exports.

HHP Group (

Prepare CRM system based on SugarCRM. Identify bussiness porcesses and create a solution for accountant groups. Development SugrCRM modules. Support users. Co-operation with webdevelopers. Updates and implementation of API.

(Czech Republic)

Development of online stores, development Money S3 API conector, than migrate data to shopyCRM in 2016

JPSoftware s.r.o. (Slovakia)

Contractor. Development online stores and web presentations based on internal CMS (Nette framewrok and Doctrine 2)

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