Goals of shopyCRM

The goal of shopyCRM is to provide a SaaS service for business companies and help them manage their customer relationships. ERP (enterprise resource planning) elements are gradually being added and comprehensive business management software should be developed. Something that employees turn on in the morning, turn off in the evening and do everything they need. The goal is not to make a platform such as salesforce which is fully customizable, for small businesses.

“I like more Steve Jobs’s approach, which is - here is the solution you need... believe me you really need it. The additional feature of ajandera.com is to use my CRM implementation experience and offer a service to select and implement CRM solutions on platforms I understand. The fact that the shopyCRM are designed from the start for small and medium businesses up to 30 employees, over time we can get to companies up to 50 employees, but I wouldn't want more. These are corporations that need a different service, and overall their view of business does not identify with me and therefore I would like to go to smaller companies.” Aleš Jandera, the founder of shopyCRM, said when he was talking about the goals of shopyCRM and who it is for.

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