Marketing trends for 2020

20% of all grocery shopping is already taking place online. Technology is changing and we must get used to it and adapt. There’s already the evolution of artificial intelligence, rise in influencer marketing and increased personalization. New things are coming and developing right now, and we must be prepared and just go with it. You can now learn more about new marketing trend for 2020!

1.      Voice Search

It’s roughly calculated, that by 2020, 50% of all searches will happen with a voice-activated device. In the past, these devices were only for those, who have money. But now, everyone can buy it because it’s affordable. The best way to prepare for this voice inquiries is by optimizing your website for voice specific keywords. There’s a difference between the way we speak and the way we write things.

2.      Influencers

The best type of influencers for you to target your audience are so called “micro” influencers. They have small and dedicated audience, with less than 100 000 followers. You must find influencer who has a similar target audience. Research shows that 59% of marketers plan on increasing their influencer budget in 2020. Social videos are highly shareable and in fact, social media see an average of 1 200% more shares compared to other types of content.

3.      Personalization

People love personalization. They like when they see advertisement for something, they are interested in. Therefore, they are more likely to buy it. You can use personalization on your blog. For example, you can create an email list and say that if they sign up, they will receive personalized content based on their browsing experience.

4.      Artificial intelligence

It is hard to maintain 24/7 support team, that is why many businesses use chatbot technology nowdays. It allows marketers to answer the most common questions about products, delivery, and many more.




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