Software innovation (from 1.49 to 1.5)

The main change in addition to the new web graphics is the underlying principle of running the software in the background. Currently, every customer has its own cloud instance with separate data and code that is partly shared. Each instance must be manually created according to customer requirements. This means deploying a new version of it by updating all instances. Version 1.5 is just normal SaaS (software as a service) as you know it. You just register and use it immediately. Just like most applications you know (facebook, google, etc.).

Updates, bug fixes, and everything will be faster and easier. Everything will be managed by users and there will be no need to communicate with me or anyone else.

This is probably the main difference. As far as functional things, the forecast module will change, and a module for defining Person for Marketing will be added. Workflow and process manager interface will be also improved, but it will grow gradually. The next big step in 1.5 will be a full connection to the amazon marketplace, sales, orders, etc.

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