„Why did you decided to work with CRM?“

We asked our boss and founder of ShopyCRM, Aleš Jandera, why he decided to work with CRM, and why it is good.

He started working with CRM about seven years ago. He was always interested in ecommerce, and one day, he came across customer relationship management. He was interested in it, because there are great automation possibilities. As he said, „one should do a creative job and not a repetitive series of steps that a program can do, and then only make money of it”. ERP (enterprise resource planning) can reduce costs, but CRM can earn them.

That is the main reason, why the companies should use CRM. If you analyze the data correctly and set up the processes, you will be able to gain more revenue from the same volume of customers. When you use CRM, you can have all the communication with customers in one place, their complaints, inquiries, etc., and nothing will be forgotten.

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